Friday, December 26, 2014

Check out this fun fact picture. Smoking VS Vaporizing? What is your take on it? I know personally more about the Ecig for tobacco then I do about the Vaping for Cannabis. Its something I am currently learning about and quiet frankly, pretty interested in taking up. What a stylish, but yet cleaner and tastier way to enjoy cannabis. I can find much convience for this particular product and truly think it will be a big deal. Its a fast growing Industry.. what will be next?
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Ok ok... Now when I read this article I was just shaking my head. Knowing this is just another way for LCB to have more control over the situation of advertising. Funny how in this article (posted above with the red link) it states that "LCB is the God as far as the state's pot industry is concerned"
How does that make you feel? I mean, isn't there enough control in this state? Let alone all the other states.

Now this is something I personally found helpful. It was a learning curve and will always be a learning curve in this industry. I feel as if things are always changing and improving. Which only leaves room to learn. When I first understood this differene between these two plants, I was very intriguged. When I came across this article I had to share. Because I know there is someone out there that is going thru what I did in the beginning of the learning curve. 
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Helpful tips towards success in cultivation

Sunday, December 14, 2014

What a fantastic read! So glad to hear congress made this happen.
What are your thoughts on the decision that was made??

Friday, December 12, 2014

Just came across this article this evening. My thoughts?...
Well, to be honest with you I can't seem to wrap my head around why someone would not take such a generous offer in the first place. It shouldn't be about the name it should be about the results. Right? I mean, think of it this way....
If I handed you 14k... Do you care who I am that gave it to you? Or would you care more about what that 14k could do for the organization and the people involved with that organization?.... I guess that is what has happened to society.... Always so worried about what other people will say about you....
What would you do and what are your thoughts??

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Minnesota mom possible prison time for saving child....

How does this make you feel?? Unbelievable if you ask me personally. If it saves her child.... Amongst possibly saving more. How could it be the right thing to even consider placing this women in prison?!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What are your feelings on these violations? Seems as if "most" retailers/producers are doing their utmost to follow compliance. So why the story?? Just keeping us informed....?
Let's be honest.... Could this be a good thing??

Colorado OKs Marijuana Credit Union

Colorado Cannabis shops have too much money...

OK... Now this was a article that blew my mind. Not that I thought the cash flow was odd. But that the banks were refusing to work with or do business with any of the cannabis shops.
What a joke in my personal opinion!
This sort of judgement is ridiculous. Personally since I am a open minded individual I can see how the banks liability would make them feel uneasy. Due to the Federal laws. However, I think that its a huge market for the banks to receive business! Perhaps some sort of contract with the bank to ease their minds??? What do you think? Should all banks be open to working with the explosive industry?? Would it be bad business for banks? Or do you think it is beneficial for both parties???

Oregon, Alaska, Washington, and DC legalize marijuana

OREGON, ALASKA, WASHINGTON, D.C. legalize marijuana

These are the topics I love reading about personally. Staying up to date with things happening with the cannabis laws and news. Things are always changing with the transition of this massive industry. Laws.... Opinions and many other sources of information we have access to and of course should stay connected with. However as you all being consumers and/or just individuals who have something to say. Well, we would love to hear your thoughts! Not just on this article of course. But on all the things that are becoming in this industry. Its a nice touch to always be hearing what the people have to say.... So let's hear it!

How do you feel about this?

There is so much happening with cannabis and a lot of talk on how it is saving children with this disease. What are your thoughts and/or concerns on this topic if you have any?... 

Friday, December 5, 2014

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tasting the amazing cannabis

These are the opinions of others. Everyone may feel different. 

  • Train wreck

Head high right away/ tangy / light smoke / smooth / goes to arms/ burns great/

Trainwreck is very flavorful and has a potent aroma

  • Goo- tingly feeling/ strong / fueling 
Goo- not harsh / light / back of the head / candy sweetness / sugary / straight to the head

Goo offers candied sweetness and a light body float

Master kush  SMELL - sweet / LIGHT
Master kush TASTE - active high / great for active people

Master kush is suttle yet great for the daily active individual

White widow SMELL - TINGLY / CITRUS / SWEET LIGHTLY / party in my nose / potent

White widow has a explosive fragrance of sweetness and citrus mixed


Monday, November 24, 2014

Some Outrageous Frosty Cannabis

How sweet and frosty is this ! 
Sorry Everyone! These are not Scratch n Sniff though..  lol!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Joints By The One And Only Billifer's Buds!

Don't forget to run by Green Light of Spokane and grab a Trainwreck flower/Kief Joint by the one and only Billifer's Buds! Happy Sunday! Go Seahawks!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Billifer's Buds Have Been Working Hard !

Congratulations Billy Shaw, Jenn Shaw, and all @ Billifer's Buds! We finally get to show Spokane the quality of Cannabis that should be on the shelves! I know everyone @ Billifer's Buds has been working hard and I'm confident our product will show the passion, dedication and love for what we do! Thanks again to Billifer's Buds for my Dream Job! #

Proud To Announce Products On The Shelf !

Proud to announce our products will be on the shelf @ Green Light Spokane by this evening! Make sure you grab some Trainwreck and XXX OG tonight by Billifer's Buds! Check out Green Light Spokane tonight and see how our partnership will give you top shelf cannabis @ amazing prices so you can share with your friends (21 and older)! Stay Lifted Spokane!

Sales of Recreational Marijuana Begin in Washington State

Washington’s experiment with licensed, legal recreational marijuana began tentatively in a handful of places around the state on Tuesday, with limited supplies — because licensed growers have not had time to bring in a full crop, certified by the state to be Washington-grown — but with great enthusiasm and hoopla in the places where the sales occurred.

 Jaime Henifin smelled a sample of marijuana at Top Shelf Cannabis, a store in Bellingham, Wash., which was among the first of its type to open on Tuesday.

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Marijuana legal but often scarce in Washington state

Like Colorado, Washington this year began allowing consumers to legally buy marijuana for fun. But the struggles in keeping shelves stocked highlight significant differences between the two states' approaches. Inside Cannabis City, Denver resident Kyle Johnson said this week he was surprised to see how little supply was available at the city's only store.

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